This is a proposal to take part in an artistic experiment.
At scheduled dates a collection of objects (handcrafted by myself) in different peoples’ possession
will change keeper : each object is passed to another person in exchange for something else while an additional object comes into circulation.
These objects could be named "OseR� léc" from the french"Objet seRvant � l'échange (objects to be used for exchange)

This is : “the pebble to take in your hand “ and “the seashell for secret”

Read below “how to do the exchange”.

To take part, you just need to write in the comments section (or by e.mail) what you offer in exchange for "pebble" or "seashell".
For example, M.Blablog and M. Dublog want to take part : they leave a comment so that I can get contact them
and they suggest something for exchange.
I send the “pebble” by post to M.Dublog and I send the “seashell” to M.Blablog.
Both M.Blablog and M. Dublog also send me the thing they have offered in exchange.
I publish what I have received in exchange of “pebble” and “seashell”, and by whom they are now kept.
On 21st of January I propose the third OseR� lèc for exchange.
This is when the exchange around begins.

M. Blingblog proposes something in exchange for OseR� lèc3, he leeves me a comment on my blog.
And “pebble” and “seashell” must be back in circulation : they must be passed to 2 other people.
M.Trucmuche is interested in « pebble » and leaves a comment for M.Dublog.
M.Tartempion is interested in « seashell » and leaves a comment for M.Blablog.
M.Dublog sends “pebble” by post to M Trucmuche and M.Blablog send “seashell” by post to M Tartempion.
MM Trucmuche and Tartempion also send their exchange items to Dublog and Blablog.
I publish the outcome of this exchange around detailing what has been exchange for each “OseR� léc”
and who's now in possession of each item.
On 30th of January , new exchange with a 4th “OseR� léc”begins.
And so on for about 15 “OseR� léc”.

  • So, what can you exchange a “OseR� léc” for?
  • Almost anything you can imagine..
  • A drawing, a photography.
  • Homemade marmelade, a lunch, a T.shirt,
  • A seashell, a pebble,
  • An other “OseR� léc” of course.

Other ideas easier to send could be : music, a song, a short story, a digital picture,
the advantage of this being that they can be sent by internet, and are easy to publish.
BUT , in this case, the author must be accurately identified.

The important thing is to publish it in “moemoea” so that each “OseR� léc” has its own story.
If I get a photo, it's even better.
I would recommend in the interest of the experiment that those who take part in the experience
should have easy access to internet. In this way, they can read “moemoea” and be aware of the moves.
They can also be easily contacted when exchanges occur.
I have tried to be as clear as possible. Do ask any questions you may have in the comments section or by mail.
And have fun ! .